Fast, Easy, Accurate Residential Remodel and Repair Cost Estimates for Homeowners, Buyers, Sellers, Investors, Flippers and More!

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce RRStimate! After searching for a quality remodeling cost estimator for our CNHS, RCC, and RRS professionals for more than a decade, we realized we had to build it ourselves. So we secured access to the most comprehensive and accurate residential remodeling data available, designed a platform with a fast and easy interface, and hired developers to bring this to life.

After several years of development, we’re proud to introduce RRStimate! This is an essential tool as you work with Homeowners, Buyers, Sellers, Investors, Contractors, Designers, and More! Although final bids from contractors and suppliers are required before beginning a project, RRStimate allows you to offer realistic preliminary cost estimates as you work with your clients evaluating home inspections, repairs, and remodeling whether selling, buying, or simply looking to remodel their current homes.


We believe RRStimate is simply the best estimating tool you'll find to support your real estate business on many levels!

  • Quickly and easily build current, localized estimates leveraging remodeling costs from over 10,000 line items in more than 1,100 activity categories.

  • Simply enter the address and choose your remodeling activities. RRStimate™ generates a complete cost estimate including labor and materials – showing low, average, and high price ranges for each activity.

  • RRStimate™ is powered by Verisk EstimateON™ monthly updated material, labor, and equipment cost research. Each estimate is based on both current prices and decades of historical data on neighborhoods across the US and Canada.

  • Residential Remodeling Specialists™ utilize RRStimate™ to more quickly and easily develop your Remodeling Value Analysis™ (RVA) to help homeowners, buyers, sellers, and investors make their very best decisions. 

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You Won't Find a Faster, Easier, More Accurate Remodeling Cost Estimator than RRStimate!


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